Our Story

When we first met we never in a million years thought we would end up right here. And now we are getting married and we love one another more and more each day. With an amazing friendship based on trust, honesty, laughter and understanding. We met in Costa Rica, on a visit Dave made to a friend. We happened to be in the right place at the right time. I don't know, sometimes we call it faith and sometimes we call it magic not a lot of things happen this way. We instantly got a long great. The curious part here was that we somehow knew when we first met and when we said our first goodbyes we where meant for each other, We felt it.

Then we began talking and we went back and forth, the rest basically got us to this point. Both of us always said when we first started dating that we would never do the whole long distance relationship thing and right know we can't imagine what our life would be without each other. We are boyfriend and girlfriend, partners in crime and best friends. Our relationship has been filled by adventures, laughter, a lot of tears (Due to many goodbyes at the airport) and a lot of happy and loving moments. And just seeing that we have made it this far proves that our love can conquer anything. Please join us in this amazing celebration of our love and the beginning of this long lasting journey.

Couple Photo